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America's Got Talent Winner Landau Eugene Murphy Jr. Memoir Released in November

In the summer of 2011, more than 14 million viewers each week watched with awe as a gifted vocalist from the coalfields of West Virginia rose to the top spot on NBC TV's "America's Got Talent." Soon, they will be able to read the amazing story behind Landau Eugene Murphy Jr.'s journey from washing cars to Hollywood stars.

Co-authored by award-winning author, Rick Robinson, Landau Murphy's story will inspire every reader to reach for their own American Dream.

"I'm so happy that a publisher from my home state of West Virginia will help me to tell my story, my way. I am definitely no saint, and I'm going to put it all out there in this book in hopes that it inspires readers to dream big, and never give up," said Murphy who won a million dollars and a headlining spot at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas as the top vote getter on "America's Got Talent." His debut CD on Columbia Records "That's Life" debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard Jazz charts and Landau's tour has sold out all over America.



The Trans Am Diaries: A Hillbilly's Road Trip from Stand Up Comedy to Cancer...and Back Again

The Trans Am Diaries: A Hillbilly's Road Trip from Stand Up Comedy to Cancer...and Back Again, by Steven "Stevie D." Dupin, ISBN 9780938467908, 6 x 9, 192 pages, pb, Retail $16.95

Stevie D. thought he had made it. After leaving his small-town Kentucky home for the bright lights of Hollywood, this self-described “white trash hillbilly” rose through the stand-up comedy ranks to become a star on the Sunset Strip. Since the release of his successful concert-_lm DVD, Rockstars of Comedy, Stevie began developing projects with rock legend Tommy Lee, UFC Champion Rich Franklin, Hot Rod Builder of the Year Troy Ladd and other celebrities. With a beautiful wife, he was also enjoying the greatest adventure of his life-fatherhood. Then, Stevie received the stunning news that his life might actually be nearing an end when he was diagnosed with prostate cancer at the young age of 42. A powerful story of survival, The Trans Am Diaries is a "stream of consciousness" direct from Stevie D.'s pen and is also full of laugh-out-loud stories about the entertainment industry and the colorful characters Stevie has met along the way including golfing with Eddie Van Halen and opening for Chris Rock on 60 Minutes.

Those Who Know the Wyrd: Neo-Shamans in Contemporary Society

Those Who Know the Wyrd: Neo-Shamans in Contemporary Society by David Ritchey, ISBN 9780938467946, 112 pages, 5.5 x 8.5, pb, retail $16.95

The roots of Western shamanism are said to lie in the practices of the "wise women," the priestesses of early Anglo-Saxon times. As spiritual leaders, they helped their people to understand, and to live within, the framework of a worldview that was called "wyrd" and which suggested that: all things and all events are intimately interconnected on all levels of reality; objects perceptible to human senses are nothing more than local manifestations of larger energy patterns; that which is imperceptible to human senses is as important as that which is perceptible; any event, anywhere, affects everything else, everywhere; everything, everywhere, is alive - that is, consciousness is all-pervasive; body, mind and spirit are all one; and the entire universe is sacred and has purpose and meaning.

Given the current state of the world, the survival of humanity may well depend on our adopting the shamanic worldview of wyrd. The "modern" worldview - based on anthropocentrism, humanism, rationalism, mechanism, and materialism — authorizes and even encourages, aggression, exploitation, and destruction. This has led to a situation in which the state of the world reflects the state of our minds, in which the conflict without mirrors the conflict within, in which the external chaos echoes the internal chaos.

While few are born with the sensitivities necessary to be true shamans, many more might be willing to adopt the shamanic worldview of wyrd if they are shown the way. Today's neo-shamans can be their guides. Instead of separation, conflict, alienation, and chaos, the human experience could be one of unity, harmony, cooperation, order, meaning, purpose, and value.

Our Best Tomorrow: Students Teaching Capitalism to America

Our Best Tomorrow: Students Teaching Capitalism to America by Lauren Hudson and Robert D. Hudson, ISBN 9780938467922, 6 x 9. 208 pages, Retail $16.95

Winner--Best Business/Technology Book Great Southeast Book Festival
Los Angeles Book Festival Honorable Mention

Lauren Hudson steps out of the classroom to give us no-nonsense lesson on making it in America by following the lives of three friends and their climb to success. Her father, Robert Hudson, adds lessons and tips from our history with a clear eye on building the American Dream. Starting young will increase our children's ability to achieve financial independence through education, hard work, and perseverance-lessons and values we know, but sometimes get lost in our ever increasing political environment.

Descended From the Gods? An Inquiry into the Origins of the Anomalously Sensitive Person

Descended From the Gods? An Inquiry into the Origins of the Anomalously Sensitive Person by David Ritchey, ISBN 9780938467939, 5.5 x 8.5, 112 pages, Retail $16.95

In his quest to comprehend the early origins of "Anomalously Sensitive Persons (ASPs)"-those who are unusually sensitive in a variety of realms, David Ritchey found that the theory of creationism and the theory of evolution both had serious shortcomings. He decided, therefore, to pursue his inquiry from the perspective of the theory of interventionism, which is grounded in the history of civilization as espoused by the ancient Sumerians. His findings suggest that about 450,000 years ago, a group of advanced beings (who the Sumerians called the "Anunnaki") arrived on Earth and intervened in the development of humans by undertaking an ongoing series of genetic experiments using humans as subjects. This book follows the history of those experiments and suggests that today's ASPs are direct descendants of the Anunnaki's test subjects.

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