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The Trans Am Diaries: A Hillbilly's Road Trip from Stand Up Comedy to Cancer...and Back Again

The Trans Am Diaries: A Hillbilly's Road Trip from Stand Up Comedy to Cancer...and Back Again, by Steven "Stevie D" Dupin, ISBN 9780938467908, 6 x 9, 192 pages, pb, Retail $16.95

Stevie D. thought he had made it. After leaving his small-town Kentucky home for the bright lights of Hollywood, this self-described "white trash hillbilly" rose through the stand-up comedy ranks to become a star on the Sunset Strip. Since the release of his successful concert-DVD, Rockstars of Comedy, Stevie began developing projects with rock legend Tommy Lee, UFC Champion Rich Franklin, Hot Rod Builder of the Year Troy Ladd and other celebrities. With a beautiful wife, he was also enjoying the greatest adventure of his life-fatherhood. Then, Stevie received the stunning news that his life might actually be nearing an end when he was diagnosed with prostate cancer at the young age of 42. A powerful story of survival, The Trans Am Diaries is a "stream of consciousness" direct from Stevie D.'s pen and is also full of laugh-out-loud stories about the entertainment industry and the colorful characters Stevie has met along the way including golfing with Eddie Van Halen and opening for Chris Rock on 60 Minutes.

What People Say
"This book is a must-have for anyone who is being tested. I call Stevie a machine gun of ideas, all of them good, all of them funny." - Arleen Sorkin, Actress (Days of Our Lives, The New Batman Adventures)

"Stevie D. is an unstoppable force!" - Aisha Tyler, Actress (FX’s Archer), Comedienne, Author

"...hilarious, entertaining, uplifting and inspirational." – Troy Ladd, Hollywood Hot Rods

Stevie and I were partners in crime. We raised a lot of hell, but we both survived somehow. This book rocks! --- Brian Oliver, Academy Award Nominated Producer (Black Swan, Ides of March, Rush)

About the Author

Steven DuPin (a.k.a. Stevie D.) is a Kentucky-born comedian, writer and producer. After spending years performing in some of the best-known comedy clubs in Hollywood, he executive produced and starred in Rockstars of Comedy, a live concert DVD featuring some of the most recognizable comics in the industry, including Whitney Cummings of NBC’s Whitney and Steve Burns, star of TBS’ Sullivan & Son. Stevie is president of his own production company, Blue Moon Media, which develops reality television series and other projects. He resides in Los Angeles with his wife and two children.

Tenants Uncommon

Tenants Uncommon

by Jesse Brewer

ISBN 978-0938467571, 96 pages, Retail Price $15.95

Experienced Landlord Pens Tell-All

Property managers can learn from Jesse Brewer in new release from Headline Books

There’s not much renters can put over on landlord Jesse Brewer.

But it wasn’t always that way, and Brewer puts his 20-plus years of property management experience into the lessons of Tenants Uncommon, a new release coming Dec. 31, 2012, from Headline Books Inc.

Brewer writes a handbook for landlords, with humor and real life stories of the scams and schemes he’s had tenants try to pull. Whether you are an experienced landlord or a wannabe landlord, Tenants Uncommon is a resource you will keep close!

Brewer believes this is the best possible time to be a landlord. Due to the mortgage meltdown and a staggering number of foreclosures, more and more homeowners are opting to rent out their properties rather than sell them at a huge loss. He points out that landlords work hard for every penny. Their most important duties fall into three simple but time-consuming categories:

Each chapter of Tenants Uncommon ends with practical advice from his many years as a landlord.

Brewer grew up on the east side of Cincinnati, and worked for his father in the real estate business. At age 23, Brewer purchased his first single-family cash flow residence. Within four years he had bought and sold forty homes and decided it was time to enter into the real estate investing world full time, leaving behind his job as a police officer. Within a year of making the move to full time real estate, he realized there was a need for quality property management for his own properties as well as the properties he was selling to investors, so he opened Cincy Area Properties to fill this need.

Brewer resides in Northern Kentucky and his company manages over 300 rental units for himself and investors. He also participates either as a broker or a principal in one hundred real estate transactions per year. He has authored four books on real estate investing and land lording and has been featured in real estate investor magazines and other forums.

Brewer has a coaching and mentoring practice specializing in coaching real estate investors from acquisitions to renovations to property management. Jesse's clients include brand new investors and seasoned investors

Strange Bedfellow

Strange Bedfellow

by Rick Robinson

Purchase Strange Bedfellow on Amazon.

Strange Bedfellow, a collection of columns by author Rick Robinson, hit #1 on Amazon's list of political humor in its first weekend of release. The first collection of op-ed columns by award winning novelist, Rick Robinson, finds the conservative writer ranting on the political issues of the day. Using his 30 years in politics, Robinson offers unique and humorous insight into politics. Never at a loss for words or an opinion, Robinson's work can be found in the Daily Caller, One New England, NKY Magazine and numerous other national publications.

"I was in awe to simply see my name on the same list as the likes of my friend P.J. O'Rourke and Bill Maher," Robinson said. "To even be mentioned in the same breath as those guys is humbling."

Cathy Teets, president of Headline Books, publisher of Robinson's novels and other works stated, "Rick's accomplishments never surprise me and always make this publisher proud! Strange Bedfellow is a humorous look into questionable politics, bazaar events, and strange policies. To hit #1 within the first 24 hours is an amazing feat and one that we hope to repeat with the release of his newest novel in the spring, Writ of Mandamus. Robinson is a rare talent and we will see much more from him!"

Portions of Strange Bedfellow can be found below.

Robinson on "Hanoi Jane" Fonda being kicked off the QVC Shopping Network:
It is amusing that the woman who once declared that she wanted America to move to a socialist system is now whining that the country's capitalist market is not working for her personally. She probably needs to rethink her outrage.

Robinson on the Occupy Wall Street Movement:
And, of course, what would a left-wing protest be without Michael Moore (other than several hundred pounds lighter). Moore showed up, and on cue, cried for the cameras … meaningless tears from a man that rolls around in his movie profits like a chunky Scrooge McDuck.

Robinson on visiting the Texas School Book Depository Museum at Dealy Plaza in Dallas Texas:
As I left I noticed that there was a sign on the front door of the museum warning patrons that guns were prohibited. If only Lee Harvey Oswald had used that door in 1963…

Robinson on a 12 Step program for political junkies:
Step 5 - Admit to God, to yourself and to another human being the exact nature of your wrongs

"Forgive me Father, for I have sinned. I pretended to be sick one Sunday when I stayed home to watch Meet the Press. I mean give me a break, Padre – Joe Biden was on. You never know what the hell he's going to say on live television." Two Hail Marys…three at the most

You've Got a Deal

You've Got A Deal! The Biggest Lies of the Music Business

by Jeffrey Weber, illustrated by Bob Wynne

ISBN 9780938467328, PB, 6 x 9, 176 pages, Retail Price $14.95
Release Date January 29--order your copy today!

You've Got A Deal! The Biggest Lies of the Music Business is a lighthearted stomp through all the lies that award-winning producer Jeffrey Weber has been telling artists for over thirty years and 180 CDs. Also included are the lies artists and record companies have been telling him for ages, along with all the lies he's heard on the road. A wealth of musician and industry anecdotes, stories, jokes, illustrations and a whole lot more round out the book. Survive, flourish, and laugh in the unpredictable world of making music.

What People Say
As a former wanna be rock star who was forced by my lack of musical talent to take a different path and eventually become a Fortune 500 CEO, reading this book brings back lots of great memories- and also confirms that I was fortunate to get out of this completely dysfunctional industry. Jeff Weber has captured the spirit of the music business and rolled it up into a hilarious package. I laughed until I cried, largely because so much of it is SO accurate!
George Jones - Former CEO, Borders Books

Jeff Weber has told me many lies over the years, so he knows what he's talking about.
Stephen Hunter - Pulitzer Prize Winner, author of Soft Target.

Jeff Weber knows how a lie looks from both ends. It's very likely that his name is not Jeff Weber and he didn't write this book. But then I'm not Hugh Laurie either, so we're quits. Read, laugh and enjoy!
Hugh Laurie - Musician, Singer, Actor

Comedy is music, and Jeff Weber hits every note and beat - a xylophone riff on the funny bone.
Don Winslow - Author of Savages.

Jeff's timing is perfect...he's written a very light-hearted and funny book about our business--exactly at the moment when we really need to have a good sense of humor about it all. Except for pages 77-82 when he rips us sax players, (How dare you?!), I'd highly recommend this book for anyone needing a good chuckle. It might just be the ticket out of this mess.
Dave Koz - Musician, Songwriter, Entrepreneur

A Tour De Farce!
Dan Morgenstern - Director, Institute of Jazz Studies, Rutgers University

After reading Jeff Weber's You've Got A Deal! The Biggest Lies of the Music Business, I had the same fear of the book that someone had of Budd Schulberg's cautionary tale of a deceitful Hollywood player. The fear is that instead of reading it as a cautionary tale, someone will read it as a How-To book. And find great success as a result.
Bill Fitzhugh - Producer/Host of Sirius/XM Radio's All Hand-Made Vinyl.

This little book has every good lie ever told in the music biz. Great if you're a musician, a producer, or just want to pretend you're in the music biz so you can meet girls. Buy it and start memorizing at once.
Robert Ward - Author of The Best Bad Dream and Renegades

Considering You've Got a Deal! The Biggest Lies of the Music Business is about the art of falsifying, Jeff Weber's well-earned funny riffs on the music biz rings true. No false notes.
Gary Phillips - Author of The Perpetrators

Jeff Weber's You've Got A Deal! The Biggest Lies of the Music Business is seriously funny. "Seriously" because it draws on Jeff's three decades of music-business experience; "funny" because...well...it's funny!
Jon Winokur - Author of The Portable Curmudgeon and co-author of The Garner Files: A Memoir